Fujifilm headquarters visit Tokyo may 2021

At the invitation of Mr. Takemasa Kojima, Fujifilm Europa, together with Prim. Milan Stefanovič from the Bled Diagnostic Center visited the headquarters of the Fujifilm Corporation in May. The meeting was also attended by colleagues from the Netherlands, Switzerland, England and France. We saw the production, the clinical work of doctors in Japan, the Japanese Endoscopy Congress, and colleagues from Fujifilm gave us an insight into the innovation center, the test of new endoscopes and Japanese culture. The meeting was also intended to exchange opinions and needs of European endoscopy diagnostics, and in a group with European and Japanese colleagues, we outlined the first steps of the new strategy of Eluxeo endoscopy and, above all, sought even greater support from the manufacturer both in the field of sales and service, which is the essence of service for us in Slovenia , which we offer to all users of Fujifilm endoscopes.

Obisk Fujifilm