ALL THIS IS ENDOSCOPY AND GASTROENTEROLOGY May 19 and 20, 2023, Hotel City Maribor

The section of nurses and medical technicians in endoscopy and gastroenterology organized
31st professional seminar, where novelties in the field of gastroenterology were presented at the two-day seminar.

The practical workshops were also well attended and received. At the workshop Endoscopic ultrasound – EUS, led by Jan Drnovšek, MD and Monika Lazar, Registred Nurse , the techniques of using Micro-Tech instruments for FNA and FNB procedures were presented. At the same time, the FUJIFILM endoscopic ultrasound of the latest generation was used, which demonstrated the precise resolution of the US image. The use of an ex-vivo animal model approached the realism of the intervention.

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