We are the specialist on the field of surgical endoscopy with our partner – pionir on this field company Richard Wolf. We are offering COMPLETE AFTERSALES / SERVICE ACTIVITIES with immediate response and loan equipment guarantee.  We are constantly offering full specter of education for healthcare professionals.

Our team have participated in establishment of every centre for outpatient hysteroscopy in Slovenia and we are proud our patients now have a possibility to  decide for outpatient hysteroscopy procedure for uterine pathologies, which used to demand the general anesthesia and much more trauma and possible adverse events in the past. The TRUCLEAR system represents the key step ahead in this treatment and we are proud we had a chance to cooperate also with Truclear inventor Dr. M.H. Emanuel who visited our country couple of times already when there was just a prototype and there was not a serial product yet.

We are involved in using surgical implants for men and woman health in urogynecology, to our market we have also brought the novel ultrasound diagnosis of tubal patency test HyCoSi without using more painful conventional HSG approach with X-RAY.

With enthusiasm we are looking at the development of slimmer flexible endoscopes (bronchoscopy, ureterorenoscopy, holedochoscopy) and new trends on this areas and we are very interested also into robotic assisted surgical endoscopy – adding artificial inteligence where future innovations seem limitless.

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