On the field of flexible endoscopy we are cooperating with FUJIFILM corporation.

We are very proud we are able TO CO-CREATE STRATEGY in European space through cooperation with Fujifilm headquarters. With Slovenian experts we are part of big European team for research and development, having the ACCESS TO THE PROTOTYPE EQUIPMENT TESTING.

OUR OWN SERVICE LABORATORY enables us to take care for all installed systems on the market, which represents full reliability towards our partners.

We are also deticated to transfer the knowledge through organizing the workshops, EDUCATING OUR PARTNERS with foreign healthcare facilities visits, foreigh congresses participation and structuring the working groups on certain topic.

The endoscopy is evolving fast – we are cooperating on the projects like countinous and permanent development of new ELUXEO ULTRA video systems, artificial inteligence CADEYE in combination with rapid pathology detection scopes G-EYE, colonoscopy navigation COLOASSIST PRO, major news on the field of ENDOSCOPIC ULTRASOUND PROCEDURES, ADVANCE ENDOSCOPIC THERAPEUTIC PROCEDURES LIKE ESD and much more to come.





Fujifilm Bli Characterisation 1 (1)

Fujifilm Cadeyescreenshot Data Collection (1)